Weekend catch up

March 10, 2013

Over the course of an academic week, assignments, lessons, and administrative demands continue to pile up. I manage a few but start a pile of the work I need to catch up on over the weekend.

I tell my students: “Oh, that project you turned in a week ago? I’m almost done. I will finish grading this weekend.” And that is usually a lie. At least the part about grading almost done. Typically, I have not started grading but I plan to power out over the weekend to get it done.

Heavy sigh.

It is Sunday. Saturday was filled with my own family events including baseball and groceries, and laundry… and yes, a little bit of social time with friends. Now it is Sunday and the weekend guilt catches up with me. I’m not done grading. I will do some but I’m not sure I can finish. The pile is too high. The demands too great. If I go into another week without the work done, more will be added to the pile.

But it is Sunday. And it was daylight saving time so I lost an hour. I want to spend time with my family. I want to spend time with myself!

I just took time to write this post. Now I am behind even more. Must start working. Must catch up.

Heavy sigh.