February 24, 2013

I didn’t take my Adderall.

My printer isn’t working.

I didn’t know we had homework.

I’m on campus until 9pm.

My book is at my dad’s house.

I don’t understand how to submit homework.

I forgot my log in.

I had APUSH homework.

I didn’t get any sleep.

I had a doctor’s appointment.

My depression medication is being adjusted.

My alarm did not go off.

The counselor messed me up.

I’m not supposed to be in this class.

I was playing COD.

Can I turn it in tomorrow?




Under Pressure

February 15, 2013

Teachers work under a great deal of pressure. I read with interest Anthony Cody’s blog post on the topic linked here.

I feel this pressure. I feel tired.  I do not know how to NOT feel this way.

Workload, scheduling, the number of students, mandates, training, testing.  The sources of pressure can turn into a long list.  I have to give myself permission to not work sometimes.

I have often said that teaching is a lifestyle.  The quality of the lifestyle is up to the individual but can be improved with support from others.   Cody offers some suggestions to create a supportive culture in schools to help deal with the pressure. Some of his suggestions seem silly to me (a high school teacher), but I imagine some of my colleagues would appreciate a variety of support.

I need to improve my lifestyle… on so many levels!  Is it possible in my current environment?