Reflections on School Year’s Eve

September 4, 2012

I intended to sleep more, play more and prepare more. But today is the last day and the task list is still too long and incomplete.

I intended to meet summer goals well before the last week of summer vacation so I could just relax and ease into the new school year. But today is the last day… and many goals have not been met.

There have been some spectacular moments to the summer. Waking naturally and not by alarm. Beautiful days outside. Many long walks. A blue moon. Great friends, food and wine.

There was a vacation with family and friends that included a lot of work but just enough relaxation to remind me why it is important to slow down and enjoy the moment.

And now, my school bag is packed. An outfit selected. The alarm set. It’s time.

I am fortunate that I still get excited on the first day of school. I anticipate my new students in their desks in my room and I am reminded that I am in the right place doing what I am supposed to do.

Today was the last day of summer 2012 and tomorrow is the start of academic year 2012-2013.

Happy School Year!