I teach my writing students to let the verbs do the work. The strategy is to write in active voice instead of passive voice. Action words in the English language create imagery in the mind of the reader. Action words create action.

Therefore, as the year 2011 winds down and people throughout the world think about all the things they will do differently next year… I have decided that resolutions are not enough. What I need is RESOLVE.

Resolve is a verb. Resolve means I am determined to do something. Resolve requires action.

Relevant to me is the story I keep telling my children that I plan to write a book.  Years of planning… little action. Some writing, more dreaming… some notes, some desire. I like to write. I want to write something interesting. Something interesting to me and to others. I realized today that I am teaching my children through my actions… or in this case, my inaction.  My youngest son asks me about it.  “When will you write your book?” and occasionally orders me: “Write your book!”  And I typically reply, “I will.”  or “I hope to.”  But, so far, I’m not.

Just start. Don’t make it a resolution or a goal or an objective. Do it. Like eating healthy or working out. No more bargaining on when or how. Do it. Do it now.

I am writing a book.



One Response to Resolve

  1. Bruce Greene says:

    You’ve definitely got a book in you. I hope you can follow through, but I’m not sure it’s so easy given everything you must do in a typical day with school and family.
    Only advice I can offer is to just get your thoughts down, whatever and whenever. Don’t concern yourself with what makes sense or what belongs. That will come later. As you know, everything is connected to everything so each incarnation gets stronger. Just get it down and then add more and more where it fits in and voila! A book is born. Oh, and I want to read it.

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