Change of Pace

November 2, 2011

I took the day off.
Preparations for a day off from school (mid-week no less) are onerous. Did it anyway. Hired a substitute that could teach real lessons so my students would still be on pace. That helps with the guilt of not showing up one day. But I think I needed it. I needed a change of pace.

The pace of the everyday classroom moves quickly. 185 students move through my room. Their voices, questions, work moves through my head and over my desk. There are teachers who need stuff, administrators with demands, students with amazing energy. I describe my daily experience like running a marathon… except I never seem to stop running.

I have been exhausted for the last two weeks. Six hours of sleep a night is not enough this year. I cannot seem to catch up on grading. We are in the long haul of days of school (but the holidays are looming). I keep running.

So what did I do?

I had the oil changed in my car and graded papers during the hour it took to complete the service (3 sets of quizzes! Yay me!) I paid household bills, started laundry, had lunch with my husband and picked up my own children from school. I plan to clean out my dresser drawers next!

Yes, I’m still busy. This was not a sleep in, rest, mani pedi and read day off. It was a good day off with time to do those things that I never seem to finish during the regular school week.

The change of pace was good for my body and brain. My students probably enjoyed the change as well. I will return tomorrow ready to start the next race.