Full Throttle

Three weeks into the new school year. How can I already be this exhausted?

I realized the other day (after I got home from teaching all day and then attending my own children’s Back to School Night) that the tiredness I was feeling was a result of operating at full throttle all day long.

Full throttle for me means that I am moving fast, covering a lot of ground, and not stopping or slowing down. The days move by quickly (I think that is a good thing); I complete many tasks (also good); and my effort is paying off with well planned and executed lessons to engaged students (yay!).  But… I am exhausted at the end.

Evaluating my exhaustion leads me to think about my daily existence. This year I have 175 students that demand some kind of attention all day long.  I have three children and a husband that also need me. I would like to think I have my own needs as well… but those are often abandoned due to other demands. 

 I am not complaining!  This is only an explanation for why I fall into bed at 11pm every night and feel like I have been run over by a truck the next morning. I am fortunate to love what I do and I have an incredible, supportive family.  But every moment is busy… all…day…long.

I have often argued that teaching is not just an occupation, but a lifestyle. Teaching as a lifestyle requires the capacity to operate at full speed but it is important to know the road. There is time to slow down, u-turns are allowed, and occasionally a pit stop is needed.

Bottom line, I enjoy the journey. Each day is exciting and different.  I am tired… but the tired comes from doing good work all day long.


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