Full Throttle

September 22, 2011

Three weeks into the new school year. How can I already be this exhausted?

I realized the other day (after I got home from teaching all day and then attending my own children’s Back to School Night) that the tiredness I was feeling was a result of operating at full throttle all day long.

Full throttle for me means that I am moving fast, covering a lot of ground, and not stopping or slowing down. The days move by quickly (I think that is a good thing); I complete many tasks (also good); and my effort is paying off with well planned and executed lessons to engaged students (yay!).  But… I am exhausted at the end.

Evaluating my exhaustion leads me to think about my daily existence. This year I have 175 students that demand some kind of attention all day long.  I have three children and a husband that also need me. I would like to think I have my own needs as well… but those are often abandoned due to other demands. 

 I am not complaining!  This is only an explanation for why I fall into bed at 11pm every night and feel like I have been run over by a truck the next morning. I am fortunate to love what I do and I have an incredible, supportive family.  But every moment is busy… all…day…long.

I have often argued that teaching is not just an occupation, but a lifestyle. Teaching as a lifestyle requires the capacity to operate at full speed but it is important to know the road. There is time to slow down, u-turns are allowed, and occasionally a pit stop is needed.

Bottom line, I enjoy the journey. Each day is exciting and different.  I am tired… but the tired comes from doing good work all day long.


Not me

September 13, 2011

The room was buzzing with conversation. I wanted in. I raised my hand, I attempted to verbally interject…. But it was never my turn.

This year…

September 5, 2011

This year I will be organized.

This year I will improve all my lessons.

This year my interactive white board will engage students.

This year I will not burn out before winter break.

This year all my students will pass their test.

This year students will learn about government and economics and take it into their lives.

This year my students will THINK!

This year my colleagues will not make me crazy.

This year I will not eat the chocolate off my principal’s desk.

This year I will attend my student’s school events.

This year I will get enough sleep at night.

This year I will lead my department with vision and purpose.

This year grading will be done within a week of due dates.

This year my file cabinet will get cleaned out.

This year will remind me why I love my chosen profession.

This year I will make a difference in the life of a child.