The power of one voice

I would like to thank Diane Ravitch for a shout out to this little blog.

Diane Ravitch has a voice that resonates with teachers and education reformers.  She has a audience of people who applaud her and those that criticize her.  She is a powerful voice. So powerful that some fear her.  But she continues to talk. She continues to ask questions. She is a strong supporter of public education and teachers.  For these reasons, I admire her.

Ravitch’s mention of this blog (voicefromtheclassroom) and several other blogs written by teachers demonstrates the power of her voice. If only for a glance, more people clicked on this site.  That is exciting.  For a moment,  I don’t feel like I am yelling into my pillow.  There is a compassionate and curious audience that is interested in dialogue. Maybe there will even be a few that are interested in what I have to say. That is exciting.

Thank you again, Ms. Ravitch, for calling on me. I look forward to more contributions, more writing, more thinking, on behalf of teachers in the classroom.



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