Teachers and policy making

Governor Brown announced six new appointments to the CTC.

I interviewed for a seat, but I am not on this list.  I was told “The Governor has decided to go in a different direction.”  That makes me ponder… what direction was I?  

I fancy myself an expert on the State of California educational policy making (you know… dissertation, research, participation on COA).  I wanted to serve on the Commission, but from what I can tell from short bios, the new appointments are quality educators and I look forward to watching their actions on the Commission. 

One appointment I am thrilled with is Linda Darling-Hammond.  She will serve on the CTC (pending Senate approval) and she is a true educator advocate.  Her policy knowledge, philosophy and body of work will help to inform teacher preparation and oversight.  Read current commentary by Darling-Hammond:  The mess we are in

There are many opportunities for teachers to be involved in policy making.  I hope teachers will accept leadership roles and their school administrators will support them.  There is important work to do and we need to be involved.

Get to work.


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