Brunch with people who get it

I indulged in an amazing brunch today.  The indulgence was not just in food… it was in great conversation with colleagues of mine who get it.

We sat around the table as educators with doctorates.  With diverse experiences in public schools, knowledge and understanding of research, and commitment to the students we serve, the four of us journeyed through our doctoral programs and made it to the other side as friends.

I have the utmost respect for these people. We are different from each other in many ways, but we have genuine caring for each other. These are professionals who choose the field of education despite other options. They are intelligent and ambitious.  We talked about our schools and experiences, but moved effortlessly through a variety of topics in the way that good friends do. We sought  advice and offered  support. We marveled at how quickly time passes. Three hours passed today and we went back to our lives. 

I am proud to be their friend. My colleagues are good people. Good educators. And they get it.

And the food was good too!


2 Responses to Brunch with people who get it

  1. Curious, what did you talk about?

    • thoughtafterthought says:

      Thanks for asking!
      We talked about the attack on public education; the importance of public education; the students who drive us crazy; the students who amaze us; career possibilities; the difficulty in balancing family and work; weight gain and working out; what to do with teenage boys (mine); how crazy we were to go to school while working and raising families; how crazy we are.
      We talked about our concerns and hope for what’s next; a little bit of politics; some about TV shows; and a lot about how good the food was!

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