Spring Break

The kids and the faculty need the break. Loaded up with assignments to counter the number of furlough days this year, students take work with them on planes, trains and autos to enjoy time with families, visit colleges and just to get away.

I cannot afford a vacation, and I am loaded up with work but at least I have the TIME to get some stuff done. I will grade and plan. That is my break.
When we return from break, the testing season begins and for the next four weeks my students will take state tests, AP tests and IB tests. Curriculum is restricted to mostly review and quality teaching takes a back seat to cramming information into brains.

That is my reality. This break is needed and timely… but politics and policy continue to swirl.

 Outside my school the bashing continues on the teaching profession. And that is why I am re-posting this commentary from Alan Haskvitz – I’m sorry I’m a teacher.


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